Walter Ashcraft
Susan Drummond
Gary Johnson
Pam Johnson
Bobby Kilgore
Bill Levendofsky
Fracis Levendofsky
Fred Levendofsky
Michael Montey
Faith Peters
Patty Schur
Eloise Shipley
Stephanie Stewart
Doug Swanson
Fred Veith

Cari McGrath
Darrell Adams
Raymond Beller
Mary Kay Bond
Leland Dains
Carolyn Eck
Tom Ellis
Ron Goings
Bill Graham
Carli Brynn Harper
Frank Herrman
Lonnie Hillegeist
Harold Horting
Rebecca Pierce Kawai
Ray Junior Nunemaker
Terri Penn
Nathan Pierce
AJ Wagner
Kathryn Wynandts

Runners click below to view your time and place in the 5K run.
In the next week, we will be sending out a survey by email to get your input and ideas of how we can make this event even better next year!
     Our Winners:

       Overall Winner of Race
         Aaron Pearson

           (Ages 18 & under)
      Jaxson Metzler (M)
     Gracie Thornton(F)

                (Ages 19-30)
      Aaron Pearson (M)
     Lauren Edelman (F)

                (Ages 31-54)
         Brian Spano (M)
      Sara Rosebrook (F)

             (Ages 55 & over)
   Darrell Riekenberg (M) 
       Joann Schwindt (F)
Or email Jenny Johnson with any suggestions or comments.
Interesting FACTS and STATS from this year's RED DRESS RUN Event.


Next Year's Event is tenatively scheduled for the weekend of February 23rd/24th!  
We had 468 participants in attendance the day of the event!

People traveled to participate from all over the state of KANSAS as well as other states including NEBRASKA, TEXAS, COLORADO & MISSOURI.

The YOUNGEST participant was 7 WEEKS OLD and the OLDEST participant was 82 YEARS OLD.

This year we raised

for the American Heart Association!

To all that participated, volunteered, sponsored or helped with  
If you did not get a Red Dress Run 
T-shirt...IT'S NOT TOO LATE!

Please contact Jenny Johnson at 785-392-2122, ext 271 or if you are interested in placing an order.

The deadline to order is